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If you use Android, most probably you have to constantly switch between numerous apps, system settings and shortcuts. There are many apps out there that let you effectively multitask on Android using finger gestures on your screen. One of them is onDeck. It is a handy app for Android, which gives you a quick access to different apps and system features from inside any app without you having to close or leave your current app.
It gives you an ability to install “Decks” on your Android screen, meaning you can access different apps, settings, shortcuts from different corners of your device based on the configured deck type. Deck types include Quick Deck, Notepad, All Apps Pop-up, Fast Switch Apps among others.

switch between apps android

Quick Deck gives you access to 15 user-selected apps or system shortcuts. Once you activate this deck, slide with your finger over a shortcut and release it to launch the app. To edit any of the shortcuts hold down your finger on a shortcut and edit it once it turns red. When you activate the “Notepad” deck it gives you access to your notes and lets you create new notes with a single gesture. The “Fast Switch Apps” deck lets you sequentially navigate the recently opened apps with a tab or a swipe.

Decks take some time getting used but once you master them you will multitask on your Android more effectively thanks to onDeck. The app is free to download but has fees for add-ons. The full Pro version costs $1,99.



  • Quickly access apps, system settings, shortcuts with finger gestures
  • Change the location, size, time delay of different decks
  • Configure each deck to suit your needs
  • Set your own transparency and colours
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