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A unique idea and an amazing device – a combination of both which forms the basic foundations of Once Magazine. A digital magazine based for the iPad, because they think (and so do we) that photographs look amazing on the iPad.

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Once Magazine is a digital magazine, which has just been announced but it is not like any other magazine. It is not a photography magazine, neither is it a news magazine. Instead it is a magazine which combines the persuasive elements of a journalistic photograph with a narrative appeal. In other words, Once Magazine shows you a compelling story not through words, but through photographs, in a very unique fashion. As the famous quote goes “A picture is worth a thousand words”.

The Once Magazine app is free, but the issues cost (currently only one issue is out). The subscription fees are divided 50/50 with contributing artists, which is a noble cause for their efforts.

If you love photography and want to really learn something new, or just read a new story, check Once Magazine out. The story is told in such a unique fashion that it tends to capture the interest of the reader.


  • It’s free.
  • Subscribe for monthly issues.
  • Word free. Experience stories through pictures.
  • Offers in app issue purchase.

Check out Once Magazine @

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