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While creating your website you probably targeted computer users, overlooking cellphone users. Today many people access the web through their smartphones and might not find your site’s layout suitable to their device. To make your site mobile friendly free of charge, pay Onbile a visit.

make your site mobile friendly

Onbile is a user friendly website that serves one purpose: to help you develop a mobile friendly version of your already existing website.

This simple task can be achieved by specifying the RSS address of your site to Onbile; the site automatically reads the feed and processes it to generate a mobile friendly version on your phone. If you want to start a site from the ground up, then Onbile lets you customize a design, add content to it (webpages, pictures, text, etc.), and then paste the produced code on your index page.

Onbile creates sites that can be easily accessed on iPhone, Windows Mobile, Android, and BlackBerry handsets.

mobile friendly websites


Watch demo video below:


Check out Onbile @

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