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omnisioEver wondered if you could edit and mix different YouTube videos together? Or mix YouTube and videos ? Or play a Powerpoint presentation alongside a video ? Well…no doubt there are tools to do it but Omnisio is different.

Omnisio is an excellent online tool which allows you to assemble clips from different video sites like YouTube, etc and mix them and edit them, without downloading any of them. Yes, its simple, fast and very easy. It has a cool interface and allows you to easily search and add videos and then use a slider to clip them and add them together. Using the screenshot below as an example, I was making a video out of different clips from Bryan Adams’ concerts.

Omnisio - Edit And Mix Videos And Presentations

Some other cool features of Ominisio are :

1: It doesn’t require a sign up unless you would want to have an account where you can store those edited clips and videos and come back later to see it again.

2: You can also synchronize video with slides and show them side by side. This is an awesome feature and especially useful for conferences and meetings.

3: It also allows you to embed the mash-up which you created, in your blog or website.

4: You can share the videos with your friends and add comments, directly in the videos !

5: Last but not least, its FREE !

If you love playing with videos and presentations, then this is a must try tool for you. I’m loving it already !

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