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When you search for a solution to some problem online (how to fix a camera, where to download that driver etc.) mostly you find the answers on forums or discussion boards posted by regular users like you.

When it come to Omgili it’s a search engine for searching forums, discussion boards mailing lists and pretty any kind of online message boards. It analyzes and differentiates between discussion entities such topic, title, replies, date etc., and sorts search results accordingly to get you the most timely and relevant information.

searching forums

Furthermore, Omgili has a couple of additional services like

– Omgili Buzz: daily overview of most popular discussion topics
– Omgili Q&A: searches only Q&A sites.


  • Discussion boards and forums search engine.
  • Omgili indexes millions of online discussions from over 100,000 boards.
  • Additional Omgili services: Omgili Buzz, Q&A, TV Shows and more.
  • Site also available in Hebrew and Japanese languages.

Check out Omgili @

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