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Less than 100 days to go before the London 2012 Summer Olympics, and already many fans can hardly hold their breath. If you can’t wait for the opening ceremony to start, you can begin preparing for the games right now with the newly launched Olympic Athlete’s Hub.

The Athlete’s Hub is the true sign that these Olympics are going to be more social than ever, and it is the official go-to source for everything that has to do with the upcoming Olympic games. This includes learning about athletes and disciplines as of right now, as well as following the events and results in real time during the games.

If you look for an athlete in the Athlete’s Hub, you will find a link to their Facebook and Twitter profiles, their latest updates on those networks, and a list of events they previously participated in. More than 1000 athletes have already joined the Hub, and more will do so as the event draws nearer.

The Hub also includes games for us non-Olympic players, which consist of badges and prizes you can win if you follow athletes and participate in the Hub’s community. The Olympic Games have a strong social presence this year, and aside from the Hub, you can stay updated by following them on Twitter or Facebook. On Facebook, you will find a whole Timeline of the Olympic games, since 1894.

Source: The Next Web


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