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Are you looking for a newer, better way to find out when your spouse leaves for work, or when your teenage daughter reaches home? If yes, then a tool called Oldersibling will be perfect for you.  It is a free to use  bluetooth location tracking service that helps users locate people in a unique way. Instead of GPS, it makes use of Bluetooth technology present in most cellphones. The computer you are using Oldersibling on needs to have a Bluetooth device as well.

bluetooth location tracking

Oldersibling on your computer recognizes nearby Bluetooth devices and lets you enter IDs for them. The next time the device is nearby, the time is recorded and shown in your Oldersibling online stream which can be accessed from anywhere. This way, even if you are at work, you could log into your Oldersibling account and check out what time your daughter got home last night.


  • Makes use of Bluetooth technology.
  • Does not slow down the performance of either the phone or the computer.
  • Works silently without disturbing either the computer or phone user.
  • Can be greatly helpful in finding out when people reach particular locations (if the location has a Bluetooth-enabled computer and the person has a Bluetooth-enabled phone).
  • Similar tools: ZenTracker, GoogleLocationHistory, Locle and BuddyWay.

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  1. Jim Roumasset
    July 24, 2010 at 12:12 am

    I would put my wife on allowance manager but that might risk an adverse sharing of chores.