Oi MakeUseOf! What Happened To My Full Text RSS Feed?

what happened to my rss feedsThe more observant and astute of you will have noticed by now that we have made a big change to our RSS feed, and the title of this post reflects what I am now reading in my inbox every morning, when I get up for my cornflakes.

What’s the problem?  Well, we have now moved from a full text RSS feed to a summary feed or a “snippet” feed. This means you will now only see a summary of each post in your RSS reader, and in order to read the full post, you have to click through to the post on the actual MakeUseOf site and read it there.

what happened to my rss feeds

Now before you set up the portable rack to stretch us for our sins and holler at us in the comments, let me clarify that we have a perfectly good reason for making this change, and it definitely wasn’t a desire to annoy any of our readers. Indeed, I know myself how annoying it can be to only have summary feeds, especially if you are reading your feeds without an Internet connection.

The reason is that too many unethical sites were “scraping our feed” and passing off MakeUseOf’s stories as their own. This meant that these low quality sites were duplicating our content and ranking for it on Google and other search engines. We don’t have a problem with sites using our articles but in return, we insist on a clear linkback, as well as author attribution. These content thieves were not doing this, and they are not the kind of people to honor any takedown requests. Therefore, we began a fiendishly clever plan and moved to summary feeds.

If you absolutely cannot live without your full text RSS feeds, you can still have them and at the same time help us defeat the scrapers. Simply plug the RSS feed into Full Text RSS Feed. Then put the RSS feed address it gives you into your RSS reader, and hey presto, you have your full MakeUseOf feed back.

what happened to my rss feeds

Look at that, life is wonderful again.

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