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If you have been procrastinating on writing a daily journal, OhLife might just persuade you to get started. That’s because it makes the process too easy to not do it. It sends you an email every night asking how your day was, and you need to reply to it. That is it. No going to the site, logging in and writing the journal. An email reply is all it takes.

writing a daily journal

The email, as you see in the first screenshot above, also has a random past entry. The user interface is clean and neatly designed. There’s a settings screen where you can select your time zone and whether or not you want to receive the email. They’ll email you at 8 PM everyday, something you cannot change at the moment.

keep an online journal


  • Best way to keep an online journal.
  • Easily enter data without actually visiting the site.
  • Get daily emails and reply to them to create the journal.
  • Nice design, no unnecessary options.
  • Get random journal entries from the past in your inbox.
  • Similar sites: Daileez, Memiary, Penzu and Diary.

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