Official YouTube App Comes To iPad & iPhone 5, Now Supports AirPlay [Updates]

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Following the recent release of the official YouTube app for iPhone and iPod Touch, Google has launched a significant update for the app, which is now compatible with both the iPad and the iPhone 5. Aside from the interface change and the added device support, the official YouTube app now supports AirPlay, and comes with many features that were not present on the old built-in YouTube app.

On the iPad, the new YouTube app offers categorized feeds and and some popular videos to watch. Unlike the old built-in app, you won’t get much else without signing in, but once you do, many new options such as playlists, history, a watch-later list, uploads and favorites will appear. Through the app, you can easily subscribe to channels, comment and like videos, and add videos to various saved lists. The search also supports speech recognition.

The new app’s interface is significantly different from that of the old iPad app – a difference that is mostly for the better. One glaring oversight in the new app, though, is in the information density department. While each search in the old built-in app yielded 12 results without even having to scroll, the new app barely shows four. It does, however, include advanced sorting options for search results, making it easier to find exactly what you’re looking for. You can also easily share videos through Google+, Twitter, Facebook, email, or copy a link to your clipboard.

Download the new YouTube app for free from the App Store.

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What do you think about the new YouTube app?

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Douglas Mutay

Good one! As least we can have the real thing in iPad.


Austen Gause

it looks exactly like the droid version


Jonas Brock-Hanash

I knew it was out for iPhone for a while, but I haven’t noticed it came to iPad. I’ll download it right away, though I think Google were a bit slow on rolling out a iPad version.


Mac Witty

Finally! Thanks Yaara for highlight it



Can’t wait to download and try it!



You should write about new youtubes desktop layout. ANd ask what do people think about it. I hate it. simply, its not good looking.

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