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Official Seal Generator as the name suggests is an online seal generator where you can create cool custom seals, download and use them as you like. The site lists plenty of seal templates (Circular, Oval, Vesica, Convex, Pentagon, Square, Triangle, Claddagh, etc. and customization options.

The process is straightforward, simply pick a templateyou want to use, enter seal text, customize borders and emblems, select colors and finally click on the “Go” button. When the seal is ready you can save it onto your computer, upload to ImageShack or get it printed on a cup, hat, magnet, t-shirt and so on.

online seal generators

The Seal Generator app is free and doesn’t put any restictions on the number of seals users can make.

create seals online


  • Create cool custom seals online.
  • Create as many seals as you like.
  • Provides a number of different templates to choose from.
  • Customize seal text, border, emblem and color.
  • Download created seals onto your computer.
  • Order seal to be printed on a cup, hat, magnet, t-shirt, buttons and more (not free).

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Very useful tools.




Real Genius

Try taking down this outdated shite. Getting directed here during a search is like researching computers using a Commodore 63.


The only reason it’s outdated is because the original owner of the site passed away.


Mehmed Abdullah doesn’t work anymore.



That is sad to hear I did wonder… the seal generator looks like it was very flexible….. maybe someone else could take over the site?


Try Dis ;)

it is still on us and search for it is still in archive
have fun :)

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