Official Dropbox App Now Available In The Windows Store [Updates]

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Dropbox has arrived on the Windows Store, and is now officially available for both Windows 8 and Windows RT. While retaining all the basic Dropbox functions we all know, the app’s interface is quite different from its iOS and Android counterparts, and has adopted the “Modern” look and feel of a Windows 8 app, complete with tiles, typography and all.

According to the app’s description, you can use it to browse and preview all your files and photos on Dropbox; open, edit and save files from other Windows 8 apps; share Dropbox files on other networks; and find your files using the Search Charm. The new Dropbox app is compatible with both Intel/AMD machines running Windows 8 and with ARM-based machines running Windows RT such as the Microsoft Surface.

This is an initial release, and at this point the app seems to include only basic functionalities. As WPCentral points out, you still can’t use the Share Charms to upload files to Dropbox, and you’re pretty much limited to accessing your files and folders, and sharing them.

While Windows 8 and Windows RT come with pretty tight SkyDrive integration, the new Dropbox app is still good news, especially for Windows RT users who are limited to apps from the Windows Store and can now use Dropbox on their devices, if the wish.

Download Dropbox for Windows 8 from the Windows Store.

Is this a good addition to the Windows Store, or will you stick to SkyDrive?

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Source: Windows Store via Windows Phone Central

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Mac Witty

One wish I could be possible also for Mac app store. Yes, I know it is impossible – but one can always wish

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