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New York is a big and busy place. Knowing your way around is very important; if lost, you can spend a lot of time getting back on track. This is why NYC Mate Maps is an extremely helpful tool to have for New York residents.

detailed map of new york

NYC Mate Maps is an application available on the Apple App Store. It is compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch, and the iPad. The app’s size is 8.5MB and its OS requirement is iOS 3.0 or later. With the app you can view all New York neighborhood maps.

These maps can be pinched in and out to zoom; the response time of the zooming is quite impressive. Also featured are transit maps and schedules. Whenever you select a spot, its transit departure times are shown. The available timings are up to date and are very helpful to people who take the subway in New York.

The app is also available for Android phones.

detailed new york map



Check out NYC Mate Maps @ NYC Mate Official Subway/Bus/Neighborhood Maps

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