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nyan catEveryone loves the Nyan Cat. To get myself in the spirit of this article I am currently playing the 10 hour Nyan Cat video on YouTube. I figure it will help me get motivated to write about some top of the food chain Nyan Cat games for iPhone. Who knew such a thing even existed?

Well they do; in fact, three of them are being well received by the iPhone community. Somehow, each of these Nyan Cat games has over a four star rating on the app store. People really love their Nyan Cat.

I will say I was a little surprised that these games even existed. I was even more surprised when I saw that they had such high review scores. I had to check them out for myself. I consider myself a big proponent of the Nyan Cat, so I figured I would enjoy these games. I was right.

They aren’t the best games on the iPhone, but playing as one of the Internets greatest heroes is so satisfying that it makes up for it. The question is; which Nyan Cat game is the best? Fear not, because today, we will figure that out together.

Now introducing contestant Number 1: Nyan Cat!

nyan cat

The free version of Nyan Cat! features two modes. The first sees you flying for as long as you want, controlling the movements of Nyan Cat. There is no winning and losing in this mode, you simply fly around and enjoy being Nyan Cat. After all, who would not enjoy being one of the most powerful internet memes in the history of the world? The second mode sees our little kitty friend flying through a cave trying to avoid stalagmites and stalactites to keep the sultry Nyan Cat sounds playing.


nyan cat game

You can spend $.99 in the store to unlock some awesome new stuff. There are two $.99 purchases to unlock the whole game. You will get some new stages to play on, and a slew of Nyan Cat’s friends such as Fiesta Dog, Star Sheep, Nyan Boy, Smooth Cat and more. Whether you go free, or upgrade, this is a solid Nyan Cat game… but will it be the big winner?

Put your hands together for contestant number 2: Nyan Cat: Lost in Space

nyan cat game

How could someone lose his or her awesome Nyan Cat in space? Well however it happened, it is up to Nyan Cat to find his way home, and if I know anything about that cat, he is resourceful. This game sees out furry friend running sideways, which suits his particular skill set. Your objective to avoid having Nyan Cat fall to his death, all the while collecting power-ups and avoiding enemies that impede his progress. It is a scary world for a fun loving cat, but Nyan has to power up to survive.

nyan cat game

You can also play as Tacnayn. He runs though the level backwards, so this can be somewhat confusing at first. The idea is the same, you will just move in the opposite direction than the one you are used to. In addition to Tacnayn, you can also buy skins for your Nyan cat to make him look awesome. You can purchase other stages to expand greatly upon your Nyan Cat adventures and bring you to true Nyan enlightenment.

Ladies and gentlemen, it is time for the final contestant in the Nyan Cat battle royal: Nyan Jump

nyan cat iphone

Perhaps you have heard of a little iPhone game that sold around a billion copies called Doodle Jump. Well this game is almost an exact rip off, but remove the little doodle man and replace him with the most badass cat on the Internet. Nyan Cat is used to flying in a general horizontal orientation, but this game sees him flying up, collecting power-ups and getting as high as possible.

nyan cat

This game is pretty challenging, but it matters not, because the brilliant soundtrack of nonstop Nyan Cat will keep you in an incredibly relaxed and docile. After all, what is more soothing than the baritone sounds of the Nyan Cat? As with most free games, there are items you can purchase to expand the game. You can buy more Nyan friends and levels to play on, but as always, these items are optional.

And the winner is…

Sorry people, I tried to get a Nyan Cat model in a bikini to present the award, but turns out, they are all too busy running through space, saving the world and what not, so you will have to deal with me presenting the winner with his imaginary trophy. Anyway, without further delay, the winner is Nyan Cat: Lost in Space! It offers a little more game play than the rest, and is just more fun.

Winner aside, all these games are free, so if you like Nyan Cat (honestly, who does not like Nyan Cat), you should just go to the App Store and download all three!

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