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The New York Times Article Skimmer is a pretty cool tool which could save loads of time for those who use the website everyday to browse through various news articles under different categories. Its aim is to give you quick access to the headlines thereby saving you the hassle of clicking one link after another. Just pick a category from the sidebar and see the news aggregated on one single page.

It also gives you the option to choose the way you’d like the news to be arranged on the page. It calls them Schemes and you can choose from Priority, Stacked, Giant, Lines, Swiss and many more in the Settings.

ny times article skimmer

article skimmer new york times


  • Cool article skimmer for new york times.
  • Quickly browse through the headlines on one page.
  • Pick any category from the left sidebar.
  • Choose from various viewing schemes to arrange the news as you like.
  • Choose the clicking options too.

Check out NY Times Article Skimmer @


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