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Nurse Windows Back To Health With System Speedup Pro [Giveaway] 360amigoUnfortunately, your Windows installation isn’t going to remain fast, speedy and well-behaved forever. Nothing quite beats a fresh installation, but if you’d rather not go through the process of restoring all your documents, drivers and personal settings then maybe System Speedup Pro from 360Amigo can help.

It does what it says right on the tin – checks your PC for known problems affecting performance and attempts to restore some of the speed you once had to your tattered operating system. We’re literally giving away 30 copies (worth over $500!), so read on to find out how you can win!


360Amigo System Speedup Pro is the commercial branch of the company’s System Speedup product, and features a number of improvements over its free counterpart. Both versions are compatible with most recent versions of Microsoft Windows including 32 and 64-bit versions of Windows XP, Server 2003, Vista and 7.

Nurse Windows Back To Health With System Speedup Pro [Giveaway] main

The application serves as a 3-in-1 tool for improving PC performance. Within the package, you get a system cleaner, system optimiser and a set of disk tools.


Nurse Windows Back To Health With System Speedup Pro [Giveaway] junkfiles

The system cleaner provides a one-click solution to fixing your computer problems. System Speedup Pro scans your hard disks for known “junk data” such as temporary files that are no longer required and automatically converts them to juicy, usable disk space.

Nurse Windows Back To Health With System Speedup Pro [Giveaway] results

Common problems are fixed instantly (no pesky confirmations) and the scanner will also check your registry for problems too. Privacy is also a concern, and traces of personal data can be deleted permanently using the scanner.

If you’re not the most organised of people then you can also schedule scans (a feature only found in the Pro version) for a time that best suits you.

Nurse Windows Back To Health With System Speedup Pro [Giveaway] scheduler

In addition to the very capable scanner, System Startup Pro can also be used to optimize other areas of your Windows PC. The program can check your disks when Windows boots and decide whether you’ve got any unnecessary programs in your startup (trust me, you probably have). Pruning your startup list is a sure-fire way to regain precious performance, so it’s a relief to see it included.

You can also view a complete list of currently active connections with the included NetState tool, so you can monitor internet activity and keep tabs on your bandwidth and there’s even a bundled disk defragmenter (why not?).

Nurse Windows Back To Health With System Speedup Pro [Giveaway] connections

The disk tools included with 360Amigo are a big added bonus, including the ability to scan for and remove unneeded applications, a file recovery tool and a tool for managing and removing old System Restore points.

Finally, for when you do decide to format your PC, you can even show a list of currently installed drivers. A nice touch, and one that makes reinstalling Windows that little bit easier.

Nurse Windows Back To Health With System Speedup Pro [Giveaway] drivers

360Amigo System Speedup Pro provides an easy way for users to tackle computer problems without going through the hassle of doing it by hand. This is especially good for those who dread the thought of reinstalling Windows, resolving driver issues and starting from scratch.

How do I win a copy?

It’s simple, just follow the instructions.

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Giveaway eligibility
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This giveaway begins now and ends Friday, January 21st at 2100hrs PST. The winners will be selected at random and announced via email.

Spread the word to your friends and have fun!

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