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free chatboxChatting has become something of a second nature to a lot of people. It’s cheaper than SMS or telephone, and still covers that mind-blowing distance.

However, people have a lot of problems thinking out of the box on this one. Quite literally. There’s always a need for preparation. Installing the right applications, building your network. It’s nothing compared to the freedom of real life, where you can bug almost anyone you walk into.

There’s a notable exception to this rule; website chat rooms. Although more common on smaller, amateur websites, chat rooms give that real-life feel to a website, giving ‘customers’ the ability to interact with their hosts, or fellow interested parties. Perhaps set-up and maintenance is holding website hosts back. Nurph takes that out of the equation as well.

It’s incredibly easy to create a site-specific free chatbox using Nurph. You don’t even need server-side access! Allow me to explain how it’s done.

There are two ways to Nurph a website. First, point your webbrowser to the Nurph website. There enter the URL of a site – any site, even a YouTube video – and hit Go.

free chatbox


Nurph will open the specified site, and overlay it with a chat box. Notice that the URL points to a shortened URL. Anyone visiting the website via Nurph, or following the shortened URL directly, will be able to access the chat box.

free chatbox

Nurph uses Twitter for sole identification, which is actually about its only real downside. If you don’t yet have a Twitter account, you’ll have to sign up before you’re able to use Nurph. On the other side, with the need for identification, this makes for an immediate moderation barrier.

Luckily, you don’t need to pass through the Nurph website every single time. To use the Nurph bookmarklet, add this link to your browser’s bookmarks bar. If you want to generate a chat box-ed URL, simply hit the bookmarklet while you’re on a webpage.

Personal & Business Uses

If you’re a website administrator or blogger, you can use Nurph to add a chatbox to your site. Even if you’re using GUI-side-only services like Blogger, Tumblr or Twitter. Simply generate the URL and put it on a prominent place on your blog, profile, or Twitter page.

Nurph also suggests making it into your homepage, so people have a chance of chatting with the website owner a couple times per day. Using a service like Nurph, and promoting your site through it, not only adds to user satisfaction, but can keep them on your site exponentially longer, and thus increase your ad revenue.

Nurph Creates An Instant Chatbox On Any Site for twitter 1

But there’s no way Nurph is only interesting for professionals. Users can Nurph other websites than their own and, if well-promoted, help you discover like-minded individuals. This is especially true for community websites and discussion forums.

Do you know any other free chatbox services similar to Nurph? Perhaps a great server-side engine for chat boxes? Let us know what you think in the comments section below!

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