Numbr: Disposable Phone Number

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Numbr gives you free, disposable, and anonymous phone number that forwards incoming calls to any provided landline or mobile number. It’s an ideal way to advertise your contact number in unsafe places, i.e. classifieds listings, social networking sites, blogs and yet keep it secure from spammers.

Numbr - Disposable Phone Number

Numbr Features

  • Get auto-expiring, anonymous phone number and forward incoming calls to any home or mobile number.
  • Get disposable number via website or by dialing ‘(415) 234-5678′.
  • Keep number alive for as long as you need. Set it to expire in an hour, day, week or month.
  • Send callers directly to voicemail.
  • Call History: Access all of your call-records online<./li>
  • Re-activate expired numbers at any time.
  • Spammers Blocker: Built-in filter to block off telemarketers.
  • Block annoying callers with a click of a button.
  • Get a local number in over 28 major US cities.
  • Note: Although Numbr is a free service, depending on your carrier plan regular phone charges may apply.
  • iNumbr widget: embed widget on your blog or profile page.

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ted johnson

I just want to get a free phone number to use, dont need this other stuff where do I need to go to get number and is it really totally free.



Alas, Numbr is no longer an option either at the present with no hint of when, if ever, it might be. Per their website when you click Get a number, you are taken to a page that reads:

“We are scaling our infrastructure to support rapid user base growth. During this upgrade, new Numbr allocation is limited to a select set of invited users.

Thanks for your continued support and feedback. Please come back later for some exciting updates.

-Team Numbr”

It’s been this way since I first visited it several weeks ago.

Any other alternatives out there for this? Also, does this change the CID and the ANSI for outgoing calls– as I believe the now defunct Camophone did? Toll-free numbers ALWAYS get your information, the logic being that it’s theirs since THEY are paying for the cost of the call.

Specifically, I’m looking for a way to call 800/888 numbers anonymously (e.g. a crime tip line, terrorist tip line, a company LP tip line, a news tip line, anonymous Employee Assistance Programs, etc.), but caller ID block doesn’t work since ANSI still gets sent through.

Short of going to a pay phone (if one can find one… in working order… much less with a booth for privacy!!), does anybody know of any way to make truly anonymous calls to 800/888 numbers… a service that strips or dummies both CID, ANSI, and is untraceable?

Toll-free numbers ALWAYS get your information, the logic being that it’s theirs since THEY are paying for the cost of the call.



I’m not sure what happened to, but I can’t find the link to request a phone number; it looks like they offered that as they were testing out the service and have now moved on to providing professional service to paying clients.

As an alternative, I’ve found Google’s has worked well. Although it doesn’t give you an annonmous number per se, it does have decent call managing services, including the ability to play a “Not in Service” message to select callers (like ex’s!). A bonus is it will forward to Canadian numbers.



I don’t trust my boyfriend….I think he has at least 2 other women calling his phone leaving messages, but won’t let me near his cell….can I use this service to have his voicemails forwarded to my cell? If so, how do you go about this? I need to know because we just opened a business together and I don’t want to walk away without my investment first! Thank you!



Well, you can use Numbr. Just disregard whatever features you don’t need.



Hi Pierre

I tried find something that would do the trick but had no luck. The only solution I have now would be to call them from pay phone numbers.Calling from mobile may work too but since I haven’t tried it personally I am not really sure about it. Plus it may be a bit costly.

I will keep my eyes open, if I find something I will either post it here or profile it on



You used to be able to use IP Phones and change the ANSI info.
Not sure if that is still true.
If you really want to make it difficult to trace, you could bounce a IP call through an anonimiser site and out a public gateway.

However, as with anything electronic, If someone REALLY wants to find you they can. Just depends on how much time and effort they want to put in.



I think what you’re looking for is somethng like GrandCenral. Although GC has plenty of features I am not really sure if the one you’re looking for is there.

our quick review:
direct link:



I have checked their site a whileago and the link to request free number was there.

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