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There are lots of websites that can provide quotations on love, war, happiness or any other word. NumberQuotes is a little different as it provides powerful quotes based on any number you type in. Most of the quotes are powerful comparisons of this number with other things.

For example, if you enter 46 as your desired number, the tool may well tell you that $46 is the average hourly wage of a mathematician in the USA or the population of a town in North Dakota. You can then choose any of these quotes and use them in your presentation or speech. Using statistics like these goes a long way in making your point and strongly emphasizes the value of a number.

powerful quotes


  • Find quotes and statistics for any number.
  • Just type in the number and get tens of quotations.
  • Can be used in presentations, articles, speeches, etc.
  • No registration required.
  • Similar tools: Subzin, Quotegasm, QuoteStumbler and In Quotes.

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