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While signing up for an online account, you often come across CAPTCHA codes. This is basically an obscured drawing of text that you have to decipher and type in. When the CAPTCHA is too simple, computer programs can be developed to decode them with ease; when the CAPTCHA is too obscure, it is a great inconvenience for the user. One solution is presented by NuCaptcha.

NuCaptcha presents a great form of secure and user friendly captcha. It has come up with CAPTCHA codes that are clear for human beings to read but indecipherable for computers.

The text is displayed in a video form with some image in the background; you have to enter the text that is in the red color. As the text moves from one side of the box to the other, the users can read it and write it down in the CAPTCHA area.

user friendly captcha

This simple technique rids us of the overly-confusing CAPTCHA codes while simultaneously achieving its human test.

NuCaptcha comes with different background images and themes.


secure captcha

It comes for all available languages PHP, .NET, Java, etc. WordPress and Joomla plugins make using NuCaptcha easier.


Check out NuCaptcha @

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  1. Gupthepup
    September 22, 2010 at 4:52 pm

    so what if you are color blind?