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Npad is a virtual notepad that can be accessed directly from mobile (or PC). Log and Access notes to Npad from wherever you’re: school, bus, work…

    Npad: “You can think of npad as a piece of scrap paper that you can take anywhere. It’s a lightweight way to keep track of little odds and ends in your life.”

Npad - Mobile ScrapBook

Npad Features:

  • Save, retrieve and search notes from anywhere via text message.
  • Access stored notes from mobile or PC.
  • Organize notes using tags.
  • Coming soon: Option to attach files to notes.
  • Firefox extension: Save webpages or just highlighted text with one-click.
  • Note: Npad is a free service although depending on your carrier plan text messaging fees may apply.
  • Check out more details on

What are some cool ways to use Npad?

  • Walking down the street and have a great idea? Send it to npad!
  • Keep track of your shopping list, then retrieve it at the store
  • Keep tracking numbers, addresses, phone numbers, and names in npad

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