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For task management you will find numerous web apps available. But most of these apps are either too basic or too complicated to satisfy the needs of all users. An exception to that is brilliant online task manager called Nozbe.


Nozbe is a wonderful web service that lets you manage your tasks online. After creating an account on the site, you can start creating projects and creating tasks within these projects. Each task can be categorized into home tasks, tasks that you are waiting for, errands, and jobs that need to be completed on your computer; later you can access each category by clicking on its corresponding link.


While adding each task you can also add extra information with them for referencing later; this information includes notes and files.


With your tasks recorded and organized in such a manner you can easily refer to your task list to stay on schedule. You can also get RSS feeds for your task lists to share with others. These and other features coupled with Nozbeā€™s intuitive interface make it one of the best online task managers to use.


  • A user-friendly web service.
  • Lets you manage tasks.
  • Lets you neatly organize tasks into various categories.
  • Lets you add duration, notes, and files with each task.
  • Lets you create tasks into separate projects.
  • Similar tools: MyTaskBooster, Producteev, ManageWithUs and GoalStacker.

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