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If you’ve ever performed a Google search on a current topic and been frustrated by the months old results that Google returned, you’ll really like NowRelevant. Unlike Google or other conventional search engines that sort their results according to some variation of a page ranking algorithm, NowRelevant returns results from the last two weeks only for any given search term.

You can further narrow down the results using a slider that lets you adjust how far back in time you would like the search results to go. This way you can choose to see results from, say, just the last 5 days if you want.

latest search results

NowRelevant is a very useful tool for anyone looking for details on events of the recent past and for which results from Google or other search engines are either too vague or too overwhelming to be of any use.


  • No registration required.
  • Extremely relevant and focussed results.
  • You can further adjust the results using a slider and specify exactly how far in time would you like to see results

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