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Modern media players for computers come packed with numerous features that make them friendly and highly convenient to use. Many of these features focus on the ability to have control over your media player while using other applications. This is facilitated through media keys and hotkey shortcuts. But before you know how to control your songs, you need to find out which songs are being currently played. This is something that many players inform you of by displaying balloon notifications in the system tray. These notifications display the title and artist of the track that has begun playing. While these notifications are supported by many modern media players, it is absent from music streaming services. Fortunately for users of YouTube, the lacking of this feature is perfectly solved by an excellent tool called “Now Playing Pop-up for YouTube.”

now playing pop-up for youtube

“Now Playing Pop-up for YouTube” is a browser extension for the Google Chrome web browser. Using this extension, you can easily find out which songs are being played in the YouTube window open in your Chrome web browser. You will find this extension to be extremely helpful if you regularly listen to music using playlists on YouTube. While tracks from the playlists are played, you can continue to work in other windows and always stay aware of the track being played through this system tray balloon notifications.


  • A user friendly browser extension
  • Compatible with Google Chrome
  • Shows balloon notifications in system tray showing currently playing YouTube track
  • Does not need Chrome window to be in the foreground

Check out “Now Playing Pop-up for YouTube” @

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