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Do you want to know the story about a specific place? Then you should check out Novels On Location. This Google Maps mashup plots the different places of interest and literature related to the place.


Novels on Location lets you search for places or books using the search bar. You can zoom through the map so that you can easily picture the setting of the book that you are reading. This is also helpful as a teaching tool so that students can easily understand the nature of a place and how relevant it is to the book’s story. For example knowing where Cupertino is on a map could help me be more engaged as I read Steve Jobs’ biography. Each plot shows the book title, description, and the specific place setting.

As a user-contributed website, you only need a Facebook account to add your own entries. You can also click to show only your entries. Novels on Location is also a great alternative for discovering new books that finds and explains meaning to a place.


  • Google Maps for book settings.
  • Find related book about a specific place.
  • User-contributed websites allows you to add your own entries.
  • Zoom in to view the place where the story takes place.
  • Find a place and connect the book to it.

Check out Novels on Location @


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