Notify – An Elegant Gmail New Email Notifier [Mac]

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Notify mac   Notify   An Elegant Gmail New Email Notifier [Mac]What would you do if you (a) had multiple Gmail accounts; (b) only used Gmail’s web interface to read and send emails; (c) needed a way to be notified of new mail and; (d) didn’t want to set up a desktop mail client? To be totally honest, there aren’t many solutions for a problem like this one.

Personally, I would advise you to set up your Mail application or use Thunderbird. But if you depend heavily on Gmail’s interface and frequently check your email from many different locations, then a notifier would be a saner choice.

Notifiers are basically apps that (usually) sit in your menubar and display alerts whenever new mail hit your inbox. There are several great notifiers available, like the native Gmail Notifier from Google which also includes reminders for Google Calendar; and also, from an independent developer: Gmail Notifr. However, I opted for the road less travelled and chose to go with Notify.

Why? Because it does what it does — elegantly.

Any software developer can simply code an app to check your email but Vibealicious managed to achieve this with style. From start to finish, download to installation, using Notify is a joy. After downloading the app, unzip it into your Applications folder and launch it.

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notify1   Notify   An Elegant Gmail New Email Notifier [Mac]

Notify will detect that you haven’t set up any accounts yet, naturally. Clicking on ‘Sure‘ will take you to its Preferences where you can add up to 4 Gmail accounts. If you have a Google Apps account, you’ll be happy to know that it will be supported in version 1.1 (which will be released any moment now). In fact, Notify v1.1 will support any email account that has IMAP access!

Click on the plus sign to add an account then fill in your credentials. When you’re done, click on the General tab to change the update interval. You got it, the application is that simple. No frills, just pure clever simplicity.

notify2   Notify   An Elegant Gmail New Email Notifier [Mac]

Clicking elsewhere on your screen will make Notify’s window disappear. Then it sits quietly until you receive a new mail, triggering it to spring into action with a Growl notification that displays part of the message. The menubar icon will also refresh to indicate the number of unread emails.

notify3   Notify   An Elegant Gmail New Email Notifier [Mac]

Ironically, while testing out Notify, I did not receive a single email. Not one! Instead of sitting around waiting for the impossible to happen, I decided to send an email to myself. New mail is placed in its window, along with a small preview – clicking it launches your default browser and brings you straight to the inbox. This was when I realized that Notify’s user interface is amazingly gorgeous and so pleasant to use.

Any read emails will disappear from the window, freeing up space and reducing unnecessary clutter. The app boils everything down to the bare essentials — you see what you need to see, the rest is history. If I am allowed one complaint, I have to admit that I prefer push capability over a preset update interval.

Nevertheless, Notify goes into my book of must-have apps. If you are looking for a Gmail notifier for Mac, look no further – this is the one.

What do you use to check for new mail? A desktop mail client? A notifier? Or perhaps you have ESP for incoming new mail? Share with us in the comments.

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The “Gmail Notifier” seems to be offline. I tried for months to download this app. when you click the link you are taken to a 404 page.

Notify is not a bad app, but I’d like a customizable sound when new mail arrives. I used to use the Firefox extention but that one stopped working recently. Don’t know why. It just did.
Guess it has something to do with Firefox 3.5.3.

Kyle VE

Hi, I’m one of the developers of Notify.

We’re going to be adding sounds in 1.1, which should be released in a few weeks.



I use Adium to check all my accounts and the contacts I wish not to see, I hide those from the list.



I have Adium to chat with my ICQ Account. I never realized that it can be used to track gmail…
is this a supported option I am not aware of?
Can I set up my google account just like an additional IM Account in Adium?



POP Peeper does it all without limiting you to “four” accounts.



There is no rely good notifier. For some of them have to be active. Gmail was good, but i have boxes in AOL, Yahoo, my domain box and so on. There is no bar-notifier only that supports imap & pop simultaneous. So finally i choose imap MenuMail it is simple and works.



And i forgot… good notifier is Tiger compatible.



i dont have any thing to notify me about the relevant comments.Can any tell me?



helpful article!

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