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A child disappears every three minutes in the UK. If you are concerned with this statistic and want to help out, a new initiative called NotFound lets webmasters pitch in by letting them leverage 404 Not Found Pages.

404 missing children

This idea is brilliantly simple. Webmasters who volunteer can enter a snippet into their website so that whenever a 404 page comes up in their own server, the face of a missing child and their profile is shown instead.

Getting this to work on your website is easy. You only need to register on, then download the code and replace your existing 404 pages. You can also embed a frame if you do not want to replace your 404 pages. If you do not own a website, you can also help out by sending a pre-written email to website owners you know or spread the word through Twitter or Facebook.

Notfound is a project supported by Famous, Child Focus, and Missing Children Europe. As of this writing, 1,179 websites have already used NotFound for the 404 pages, and the list is growing.

So if you want to help out while making your 404 pages more creative, then NotFound is a great first step.



  • Replace 404 pages with faces of missing children and help find them.
  • Easy to implement.
  • Share the cause through Facebook/Twitter or pre-written e-mail.
  • Helps you make better use of your 404 pages.
  • Similar tool: 404 Error Creator

Check out NotFound @

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