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Technology is chock-full of interesting spy tools (you can even secretly take pictures on your Android or iPhone without being seen Secretly Take Pictures on Your Android or iPhone Without Being Seen Secretly Take Pictures on Your Android or iPhone Without Being Seen If you want to take photos without being seen, you need these tips and apps. Read More ), and NoteShred is one more to add to your virtual utility belt. The fun web app lets you send a self-destructing note to whoever you want. It’s perfect for ransom letters, death threats, or romantic proposals.

The website lets you type in a simple password-protected note using its sleek user interface. You’ll then be emailed a URL link that takes anyone you want to the secret message, but here’s where it gets interesting: you can declare a time for when the message should be “shredded” (or erased).

This could be after the note is read or even at a specific time on the clock. For instance, if you want your message to expire five hours from the time you send it, then it’s possible.

send a self destructing note

The app also gives the creator of the note two options for wiping the message off the face of the earth. For one, you can “shred” it yourself, and this deletes the note content and password. Users who visit a shredded note’s URL will be directed to a page that tells them that it is no longer available. Alternatively, you can “delete” it, and this makes it as if the note never existed.

In this case, people who visit the URL that you have sent them will find no record of the note whatsoever.


NoteShred is a fun way to send information that may or may not sensitive. The service treats every message delicately, and data is encrypted with 256 bit AES technology. In short, you can safely share whatever you want.


  • Sends self-destructing notes.
  • Utilizes 256 bit AES encryption technology.
  • No account required.

Make use of NoteShred now.

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    April 12, 2013 at 4:06 pm

    I will have to try this out. Thanks for sharing.