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Note taking apps are designed to make jotting down everyday events and thoughts a breeze, but even the best are limited in what can be recorded. While handwriting and text notes are ten-a-penny, when it comes to recording media like photos and videos alongside your written thoughts, the field gets a lot thinner. Luckily the popular iOS app NoteLedge is finally on Android, and compatible with devices using version 3.0 and above.

noteLedge free for android

Use your stylus or fingertip to record handwritten notes using a variety of realistic-looking inking tools or play it safe by adding text using your device’s keyboard. Pictures can be imported, dropped and moved around the canvas, and using two-finger gestures it’s possible to adjust size and arrangement. You can do the same with imported video, scribble around it and even edit the video within the app with a long-press.

noteLedge free for android

Your notes can then be saved in a journal, backed up to the cloud and are accessible on multiple devices. Backup locations include Dropbox and Google Drive, or if you’re socially inclined you can push your musings to Facebook or Twitter. This free version allows you to try before you buy, with the full-version available here.



  • Take notes using text and handwriting, arranged how you see fit.
  • Add photos and videos, which you can then annotate and edit.
  • Save to the cloud, using Dropbox and Google Drive.
  • Record audio logs which can then be exported as WAV, and embedded into the page.
  • Share your notes to Facebook or Twitter, or keep them privately on your device.

Check out NoteLedge Free @ Google Play

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