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If you are looking for a web application to take notes, then there are plenty to choose from Use Your Keyboard To Make Notes: 10 Websites For Quick Note-Taking Use Your Keyboard To Make Notes: 10 Websites For Quick Note-Taking Have you ever just wanted to jot something down real quick, but couldn’t find a pen? Or maybe you could, but later lost the note with a bunch of other notes which were used for... Read More . But if it’s simple effectiveness that you are looking for, then NoteLake is the app you should check out.

note taking web app

NoteLake is a free to use web service that lets you take notes online. The website features a minimalistic yet effective interface which note takers will find extremely convenient. You start by logging onto the website using your Google account. The next step is to start adding notebooks to your NoteLake account. You can dedicate notebooks to the type of notes you are writing. For example, one notebook could be dedicated to your research paper while another one could be dedicated to your grocery list.

Then you select a notebook and begin adding notes to it. To do this, you simply click on the area that says “click here to add new note” in the right pane of the interface – a writing interface will open up where you can type your notes. You only type the note text, you are not required to add any titles, tags, or similar extra information. You can add as many notes as you like.

Optionally you can export your notes to a plain text file (TXT) that includes notes from all of your notebooks under relevant headings.



Thus through a user friendly and minimalistic interface, NoteLake lets its users conveniently take down notes, sort them into notebooks, and optionally export them to TXT files.

For greater accessibility, the website also offers a browser app for Google Chrome.


Check out NoteLake @ and its Chrome app @

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