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Are you looking for a user-friendly web service to send sensitive messages online? If so, then your search successfully ends with a tool called NoteDIP.


NoteDIP is a free to use web service that lets you create online messages to share with others. Unlike other websites through which you can share messages, this website offers a secure channel through which you can share messages of a sensitive nature. To begin using the website, you need not create any new accounts – you can simply start composing the message that you want to send. Optionally you can set up a password that the reader will need to enter in order to access the content of the message.

You can also setup a “message read notification” which means that you will be sent an email once your composed message has been read. You can enter whatever email address that you want to receive the notification at. Once these things are set, a URL for your message is generated that you can share with the recipient of the message. They will be required to enter the password that you set up.

When the recipient reads the message, you are sent the read receipt – if you had previously set it up – and the message is then deleted from the NoteDIP servers. When the same recipient or anybody else tries to re-access the message, they will be shown a message stating that the message has been destroyed since it has already been read.



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