Noteboxapp: Easily Get Feedback On Design

There are instances where web designers can’t complete a project because clients do not give proper feedback. Often, clients find the feedback process too cumbersome and web designers cannot understand what exactly the client wants changed.

Fortunately, Notebox is a professional web tool that help designers get feedback in a simple and client-friendly way. Designers can upload their mock-ups and concepts in their account and both client and designer can make notes that appear in context.

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After signing up, designers can create client profiles and projects where they can upload their artwork, pages, and notes. The web app then generates a special notebook URL and a short URL that you can send to clients. This way, they can view your draft, create notes, and leave feedback instantly.

The simple interface also allows clients to see the designs without going through hoops, and you can even select the background color and design of your notes to sharpen your presentations.

noteboxapp thumb   Noteboxapp: Easily Get Feedback On Design

The freeĀ  account allows you to upload up to 5 designs, but if you need more, you can get the Notebox Lite package which lets you store 500MB per year or the Notebox Stacked for an unlimited quota.

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  • Easy to use design feedback tool.
  • Free and paid accounts available.
  • Store your draft designs and show to clients.
  • Clients can leave notes.
  • Design notes and backgrounds that will go with your drafts.
  • Support forums available.
  • Manage multiple clients, projects, and designs.
  • Similar Tools: RedMark, TheCommentor, Mockingbird, and MockFlow.

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This is a great tool! Thanks for sharing this.

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