A Free Note-Taking Solution For Students & Lecturers

Paper notes are easy to lose, wasteful and often hard to organize. You can’t quickly search through all of your paper notes, duplicate them with a click of a button or access them from wherever you want. There are plenty of note-taking platforms around already, but few aimed solely at those in college, university or educational employment. Step in, a free note-taking platform for students and teachers.

noteable annotations A Free Note Taking Solution For Students & Lecturers

Noteable brings the power of collaboration to lecture halls and seminar rooms around the world. Students can use the cloud-based platform take notes together, in realtime alongside lecture slides or use the included privacy controls to decide who can see their notes. Annotations can be made on slides themselves, and the whole platform is very typing-friendly and optimised for keyboard-heavy use.

noteable lecturers A Free Note Taking Solution For Students & Lecturers

The platform also has a separate side for lecturers and teachers wishing to better connect with and learn more about their students. Slide lectures can be uploaded in PDF format (which are easy to export from platforms like Google Presentations and Microsoft PowerPoint) and analytics are provided for your classes so you can help find out which areas students are confident with and which aspects of study require more work. The platform is free for both learners and educators, requiring only a university email address to sign up.


  • Group learning with collaborative note-taking for students.
  • Notes and annotations can be made directly on the slide.
  • Powerful lecturer back-end for uploading presentations and viewing analytics about the class.
  • Free but requires a university email address.

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