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Have you ever asked a friend to message a reminder to you on your phone? If you have, then you know that phone reminders are very effective and, in many cases, very essential. Here to help you set up phone reminders yourself is an app called Notable.

set up reminders android

Notable is a free to use smartphone application for devices running the Android operating system. The app is sized at nearly 0.8 MB and is compatible with smart devices running version 2.2 or later of the Android OS. The function of the application is to let you set up notification reminders on your smartphone. The app runs in the background and you can open notifications to setup new reminders any time.

Each reminder that you add to view can have its own flag color which you can use to categorize tasks; these flag colors can also be used as a measure of the importance of the tasks. The notification reminders appear in list form and in this list, the tasks can be viewed, edited, and marked as Done.


Apart from these useful features, the app also includes a voice recognition shortcut, an option to remove reminders by swiping, restoring previous reminders after a reboot, and, soon to come, synchronization abilities with Google Tasks.



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