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Suppose you are running a radio or podcast show and you receive an angry letter that is full of ‘bad words’ yet it is important to read it out on the show. You need a way to replace those extremely bad words with words slightly less extreme. To do this, head on over to It is a free to use website that replaces the profane words in a given text to slightly less offensive terms. The words used to replace the bad words are more acceptable in society and are not exactly profane.

All you do is enter the text in the box provided, choose whether or not you want to include racial terms, and click on the Filter button. The clean version of the text will then appear on top of the version you entered.

words to replace swear words

The site also provides a list of swear words – these are the words that are replaced in your text. You can make contributions to this by submitting a swear word and offering its alternative. Developers can be creative and use this list in their own programs or forums to block out swear words.

swear words alternatives


  • Easily get swear words alternatives.
  • Lets you replace swear words in a text with less extreme words.
  • Lets you choose whether or not to include racial terms.
  • Provides a list of swear words and their replacements.
  • Similar tool: YouSwear, Insult.Net, UrbanDictionary, NoSlang and Showdown.

Check out NoSwearing @

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