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normalize-mp3-volume Most of us have a huge collection of digital music that we call our own. Usually, albums and songs have been added irregularly over the year from many, many different sources. You may have digitized your existing record, MC and CD collections, while most of us exchange music with friends and family.

I’m sure you’ll agree that the one annoying thing when enjoying a random mix of your favorite tunes is the change in quality, especially in the volume. Since our music originates from so many different sources, quality is never the same, but variations in the volume are most unpleasant.

While it’s difficult to fix the overall quality, it’s rather easy to normalize MP3 volume levels with the right tool. That’s where MP3Gain comes in.

normalize mp3 MP3Gain, does statistical analysis to determine how loud a file sounds to the human ear. Most other normalizers work with peak normalization, normalizing a song’s value based on its loudest passage. Furthermore, you will love to hear that normalizing your MP3s with MP3Gain has no effect on the quality, as no decoding or encoding takes place.

The program was primarily written for Windows. However, there is a Linux GUI and a MacMP3Gain version available.


So how does it work? It’s pretty simple. You add files or folders and set the target volume. The default is 89,0 dB. In other tools, you will find up to 92,0 dB as a default volume for normalization. However, I would always go with the default of the respective tool, unless you know what you’re doing when changing this.

normalize volume mp3

When you have added all files you wish to normalize, click the Analysis button. From there, you can select either Track or Album analysis in the pull-down menu. MP3Gain now analyzes each file to check the current volume and whether the file has clipping issues. The Track Gain indicates the increase or decrease in volume required to match the target volume. You can clear the results by selecting Clear Analysis from the Analysis button pull-down menu.

mp3 volume

Once the analysis process is completed, you can click the Gain button to initiate the suggested changes. Note that there is also a drop-down menu for this button from which you can select Track, Album or Constant, depending on what type of adjustments you prefer. The included help file does a very good job of explaining what the differences are.


Should you realize that you’ve made the wrong selection, you can cancel anytime and undo all changes MP3Gain made. Simply add all of the edited files that were previously modified and select >Modify Gain >Undo Gain changes from the menu.

MP3Gain should solve the issue of varying volume levels in any MP3 collection easily!

Are you aware of any better app that can be used to normalize mp3 volume levels? Let us know in comments!

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