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nOOkist is a website which enables you to track your sex life online and gives you some insight about it with stats, charts and reports. You can also track of your STD tests and receive notifications on when your results are going to expire.

Using the site is easy, simply register for an account and after each intercourse add details like who is the person you slept with, how was it, positions and other details. When you have made enough entries you can view data on charts and generate customized reports. There is no social aspect to the site, meaning that your data kept private and can’t be viewed by others.

personal sexual history

personal sexual history online

(Note: Although nOOkist claims that you data stays private, due to sensitivity we advise you not to use your real credentials and sign up using some fake name instead.)


  • Track your sex life online.
  • View data on charts.
  • Generate customized reports.
  • Your data stays private and not shared with anyone.
  • Also track you STD tests and get reminders when new tests due.
  • Free and simple to use.

Check out nOOkist @

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