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NOOK Media, a subsidiary of Barnes & Noble, Inc., announced yesterday the launch of NOOK Press, a new and free self-publishing platform in which authors can write, edit, collaborate, and publish high-quality e-books and distribute them to millions of readers via NOOK Books and Nook e-readers.

In their press release, Barnes & Noble says that NOOK Press builds off of the company’s original self publishing platform, PubIt!, and indeed if you go to PubIt’s website, you’ll receive a notice that “PubIt! is now NOOK Press”.

NOOK Press allows independent publishers and authors to use its online services to write, edit and format new and existing manuscripts, collaborate with colleagues, and monitor the sales of their self-published e-books. E-books published through the platform are sold through NOOK Bookstores, and are made available on,, NOOK devices, and the free NOOK e-reading software for Android, iPad, iPhone, Windows 8, Mac, and PC.

Similar to Apple’s iBooks Author e-book creation software, NOOK Press’s online software and services can be used free of charge. You can upload an existing manuscript file in Word, HTML, text, or ePub format, or use NOOK’s online editor to get started writing your book. The authoring site also includes free email and live chat support to provide personalized answers to questions pertaining to every stage of the publishing process.


As usual in these cases, NOOK retains a percentage of the List Price of NOOK Books sales, based on their Pricing and Payment Terms.

What do you think of such self-publishing platforms? Are they they the future of book publishing?

Source: BarnesandNobleInc.

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