Nook Color Update Adds Netflix & New Features [News]

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Barnes & Noble’s recently unveiled Nook Tablet may be the newest and more exciting version, but that doesn’t mean that the company has discontinued or abandoned the Nook Color. Instead, they’ve dropped the price to $199 and continued onward.

If anything, it seems as if the Nook Tablet may be helping to enhance its less expensive cousin. Previously, B&N did not offer support for Netflix on the Color. Now that the Tablet has debuted with it, a new update is bringing it to the Color as well.

Also included in the update are other features found on the Tablet, such as access to the Nook Comics store and the PagePerfect feature.

B&N claims that Nook Comics has the largest digital selection of Marvel graphic novels besides Marvel itself. Each comic is provided in a high-resolution format to make sure no fidelity is lost in the digital transition.

PagePerfect is also aimed at providing high-quality eBooks, but isn’t aimed at comics alone.  It’s meant to provide a properly formatted reading experience when viewing books with numerous images, such as cookbooks.

There are numerous smaller updates and features included in the update. Revisions are made to the store, PDFs gain a thumbnail view, a built-in dictionary is added, among other things. You can download the upgrade now from B&N’s website or you can simply wait for the automatic update to take place in the coming days.

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Yet again, Barnes & Noble shows Amazon how a 7″ tablet is supposed to work.

M.S. Smith

What does this have to do with “how a tablet is supposed to work?” The Fire has Netflix too, IIRC…



And yet the tech press praises the kindle



 What happened to my Angry Birds? I”upgraded” and now some of my APPS are non longer usable.



Never mind, I found my Angry Birds. I’m so impressed that B&N continues to update my Nook Color.  Fat chance that Amazon would be there a year from now


Android instructions above say:Tap and hold the eBook you want to rretunTap ‘Delete’ to display the rretun optionsTap ‘Return and Delete’On my HTC EVO when I tap & hold’ then press delete’ the only options I get are delete’ and cancel’When I check the book I deleted is still an item out so I am still unable to replace that book with a new one.


Kindle Authority

My husband and I love our new Kindle Fire.  It’s lightweight, easy to use and has a great interface.  The first thing I recommend anyone with a new Kindle do is install the nook app.  We got our instructions from through google.   It basically unlocks all the Android marketplace apps and unlocks the device.  I am one very happy Kindle owner!



Log in to Amazon and go to the Manage your Kindle page. Scroll down to Your Orders section and lcatoe the book you want to transfer. If you click on Deliver To, you have the option of sending the book to your Kindle for Android device. Have you tried that? As mentioned already, if it is a book you bought yourself (not from Amazon), it won’t sync. +18Was this answer helpful?

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