NoMoreiTunes: Block iTunes From Starting (Safari)

iTunes is one of the most used apps for music lovers and app downloaders. But it can also be slow and clunky. For me, I prefer apps not to hover and stick around when I don’t need it. If you accidentally open iTunes from Safari, you can download NoMoreiTunes. This extension blocks iTunes from launching when you click a link from any website that goes to the iTunes music or App store.

nomore1   NoMoreiTunes: Block iTunes From Starting (Safari)

This app is very useful for those who like to check out iOS app blogs or music websites. Sometimes you will find links that you think leads to a preview, but suddenly launches iTunes. This extension blocks that specific behavior.

NoMoreiTunes is a lightweight for Safari that only takes seconds to install.


  • Block iTunes store links from opening the iTunes app
  • Safari extension
  • Lightweight and easy to install

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Boni Oloff

Yeah, iTunes not the best music player anywhere, but we still need it at least to install app for the iTunes, if we cannot download it directly from the device.