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NomaDesk offers a simple and secure way to backup personal files online, securely share files with colleagues and most importantly syn files and folders between multiple computers. The latter one is in particularly useful letting you automatically sync files between up to 5 computers.

The setup process is quick and easy. First go ahead and download the Nomadesk desktop client (you will need Windows 2000, XP or Vista to run NomaDesk). While installing the client you will be also asked to create the Nomadesk user account.

sync files between mulitple PCs

Once you have finished setting it up, you should see two new NomaDesk drives in your ‘My Computer’ folder. One for private/personal files (Personal Fileserver) and one for shared files (Public Fileserver).

automatically backup files to web

    Personal Fileserver

    Whatever files you put/drag into your personal drive will be automatically strored in your NomaDesk account online. One really cool feature that comes with it is the synchronization with your other PCs. For instance, if you add an image file to your NomaDesk drive on one of your PCs it will be automatically sent to ‘Personal Drive’ on all your other PCs that have Nomadesk installed.

    Public Fileserver

    This one is for sharing files with others. You can invite others to view and read files stored on your public drive. They won’t be able to make any changes o files, only view them.

There is also a something called Team Fileserver which enables users not only to share files with others but also collaborate on them. The people you invite will be able both view and edit the files. This and a couple of other features aren’t available to free account users.


Every file you put into your NomaDesk drives are also stored online. You can securely access and manage those files from any computer or even mobile phone with internet connection. See screenshot below.

Nomdesk Setup

More Feaures:

NomaDesk Introduction Video

Check out NomaDesk @

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