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Nokia has launched a new web version of Nokia maps, which provides voice-guided turn-by-turn walking directions on any mobile device. This is a feature that’s surprisingly still lacking from other map apps, and can be now enjoyed on the iPhone, iPad, Android devices [2.3+], and any mobile device that can run a browser.

To use the new Nokia maps, point your mobile browser to, and allow it to use your current location. If you don’t grant it access to your current location, you will not get the voice feature for walking directions. You can then choose where you’d want to go, and set up a walking route. This route has to be under 50km.

Once the route is set up, a purple play button will appear on the left side of the screen. You will have to agree to some terms and conditions and download the voice pack, and then you’re good to go. You can now roam the streets of a new city, find your way from point to point and still do some sightseeing.

As of now, voice  navigation is only available for walking directions. According to Nokia, it is currently aimed at urban use, but more features will be added in the future.

Source: Conversations by Nokia


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