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If you grew up in the 80’s or 90’s, you will clearly remember how popular typewriters were in offices. As a child, you wanted nothing more than to press down one of those typewriter keys and hear the typewriter sound. Here to bring a touch of typewriter nostalgia to your computer is an app called Noisy Typer.

make your keyboard sound like a typewriter

Noisy Typer is a free to use open source desktop application for Mac computers. The app is sized at nearly 2 MB and is compatible with Mac OS X. After you install Noisy Typer, it runs in the background and monitors your keystrokes in all applications such as email, Internet, text editors, etc.

With each keystroke, the app makes a loud typewriter sound. Even the ‘ping’ sound is made which a typewriter makes when a new line is started.

Noisy Typer: Make Your Keyboard Sound Like a Typewriter [Mac] noisy typer1



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