No Hulu Ads: Block Hulu Ads With a Black Screen & Return To Your Shows

Online content providers really only have one way of significantly making money – by putting up online ads. Mostly these ads are harmless as they appear in Flash banners on the sides of a webpage or at the top or bottom ends of it. In such a case, these ads are not a major inconvenience for the site’s visitors because they are getting the content only supplemented by ads, not obstructed by it. But the case is different when it comes to many modern video streaming websites.

These websites overlap the ads onto your videos or, even worse, pause your videos to play the video ads. One of the many video websites that show ads in this latter method is Hulu. For this reason, streaming your favorite shows can be very annoying on Hulu each time a video ad appears and your streaming experience is interrupted for you to see something you do not want to. While you might not completely skip the ads for now for free, you are able to block them with a black screen using a tool called No Hulu Ads.

no hulu ads   No Hulu Ads: Block Hulu Ads With a Black Screen & Return To Your Shows

No Hulu Ads is a user-friendly browser tool that helps slightly improve your overall video streaming experience on Hulu. This tool comes as a browser extension for Google Chrome. After you install the extension, go to Hulu and start streaming a video. You will find that each time an ad appears, the video box is turned black and the volume is muted. Thus you neither have to see nor hear the ads. When the ad ends, your video resumes playing with the restored volume.

no hulu ads1   No Hulu Ads: Block Hulu Ads With a Black Screen & Return To Your Shows

Optional settings include pausing the video instead of playing it when the ad has finished playing and enabling desktop notifications when the ad ends.


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