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Nimbuzz is an all-in-one voice and chat application for your phone. Regardless of whether you access Nimbuzz from mobile or PC, it allows you to: access several Instant Messaging platforms (AIM, MSN, etc.) simultaneously, make free calls to your GTalk or MSN contacts, make low cost (@ local rates) international calls, launch conference calls, send group messages and more. The Nimbuzz client available both as a downloadable client for mobile phones, as a web-based service, or as a Windows program.

Nimbuzz - Group calling and Text messaging

Nimbuzz Features

  • Chat and Talk to friends from your mobile or PC.
  • View and communicate with Skype, MSN (or Windows Live Messenger), Google Talk, AIM, and Yahoo contacts at the same time.
  • Make free voice calls to GTalk and MSN contacts.
  • Make international calls to/from 35 countries at local calling rates.
  • Launch conference call and invite up to 4 people to join conversation.
  • Group chats (up to 25 people) and send group messages.
  • Run multiple chat sessions at the same time
  • ‘The Buzz’ feature: invite friends to conversation at any time.
  • and more…

Nimbuzz demo (mobile chat)

Nimbuzz demo (free international calling)


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