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Does your phone tend to ring late at night? This can be a great way to mess up your sleep cycle, as text messages and phone calls can often wait until the morning, but the ringtone will definitely wake you up. That being said, there are some calls you may want to receive late at night, even if you are sleeping. Perhaps you are on call for work, and you want them to be able to get in touch with you.

The Android application called Nights Keeper is the perfect way to manage the way your phone works at night.


With this app, you can control every aspect of the way your phone works while you are sleeping. You can choose certain numbers that come through at night, you can adjust the volume so it’s always quieter, and so much more. The level of control it gives you is quite impressive. Each of the settings in the application can be adjusted so that it’s different on select days of the week.

The app has some other really cool modes such as an emergency mode. If someone calls over and over, the app will realize it is important and let it through, even if you don’t have that number on your white list. Some of the features are only in the pro version of the app, but there is still plenty of cool features available in the free version.



  • Control the way your phone rings at night.
  • White list certain numbers to bypass controls.
  • Emergency mode bypasses controls for persistent calls.
  • Control settings for each day of the week.

Find Nights Keeper on Google Play

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