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When you search for a particular topic, you often get various results that sometimes are not exactly relevant to what you wanted to find. Through search engine optimization techniques, many webpages can rise towards the front page of the search results without offering you a lot of substantial content. What you could really use is a source page to branch from.

In other words, if you could find a news article you like and use that as an example in your search, finding articles you want would be a lot easier.

Using this very technique, a tool called NextStories helps you find articles and webpages that you are interested in.


NextStories is a free to use tool that helps its users find articles and stories similar to the current website they are viewing. The tool comes in the form of a browser bookmarklet which you can use with major browsers; you can also create a bookmarklet shortcut to your iOS device as a bookmark.

When you click on this bookmarklet, a new window appears overlapping your webpage. This window includes articles similar to the page you were previously viewing. The left-most columns of articles are the most relevant ones while the top-most articles are the most recent ones. Clicking on a result opens up the article in your webpage. You can click on an icon in the bottom right of a result to view more articles relevant to that particular story.



In case you find that a particular web source is missing from the results and that it should be there, you can click the blue source-addition button to let the service know.

Overall, this neat little bookmarklet offers a great experience to people who like to read articles online without asking them register for any new accounts.


  • A user-friendly browser tool.
  • Works as a bookmarklet.
  • Can also work with iOS devices.
  • Lets you view relevant articles and news.
  • Arranges articles by relevancy and recentness.
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