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Are you tired of getting your news by clicking on shortened URLs that are shared on Twitter? If yes, then you should check out a website called Nextly.


Nextly is a web service that makes browsing news from your social networks an easy and fun experience. You start by creating an account on the website by linking your Facebook or Twitter account to it. Once this is done, the website aggregates the news from your social networks and displays entire news articles instead of just shortened URLs. Normally, people have to click on URLs shared on social media in order to read the articles. However with the usage of Nextly, all you have to do is log into your Nextly account and begin browsing the news.

The support for keyboard hotkey shortcuts makes using the website even more convenient. Using the arrow keys you can turn to the next piece of news and continue catching up with the latest without using any mouse clicks. If there is anything that you want to bookmark for a later reading, you should simply press the ‘B’ key on your keyboard.

These bookmarked articles will appear under the ‘Bookmarks’ category in the left pane of the interface. In the same pane you will be able to access your favorite streams or begin exploring other streams that you might be interested in.




  • A user friendly web service.
  • Displays news in a convenient interface.
  • News is grabbed from social media websites.
  • Supports keyboard shortcuts.

Check out Nextly @

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