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Have you ever wanted your very own social network where it’s only you and your neighborhood? True, Facebook exists, but that is more of a global social network.

social network for neighbors

Nextdoor is something for the smaller, sophisticated neighborhood where you can communicate with your neighbors anytime. This is a great website especially for people who are moving into a new neighborhood, which have an account on Nextdoor. That way socializing and making new friends is really easy.

To get started, you should check if their neighborhood is available in the list. Otherwise, you won’t be able to make an account on Nextdoor, as the service first verifies peoples physical addresses. The service is also only available in the US.


  • A free service.
  • Restricted to neighbors only.
  • Allows status updates, photos to be added, events to be added, etc just like Facebook.
  • Only available for US citizens.

Check out NextDoor @


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