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NextBigSound is a site, which as they mention, provides actionable intelligence for the music industry by tracking the behavior of music buffs online. It tracks the number of plays, views, fans, comments, mentions, and other key metrics for 486,602 artists across major web properties like Facebook, MySpace,, Twitter, and more.

Music fans can subscribe to their favorite artist’s data via RSS feed or have the fan statistics delivered to their inbox for free. They could also compare the stats of their favorite singer or band with upto 3 other artists and see if their artist has more influence among online fans.

fan statistics

fan statistics


  • Offers comprehensive fan statistics for music artists.
  • Tracks number of plays, views, comments for 486,602 artists online
  • Tracks across major social networks like Facebook, MySpace and twitter
  • Compare and visualize stats for upto 4 artists
  • Subscribe using RSS feed or get the stats in your inbox

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    August 21, 2009 at 9:12 am

    the email version of this post brings you to